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                                                //Adriano is an Italian Artist, Composer and Thinker who uses technology

                                                        //with the goal of improving and evolve the relation between humans and their creation process.
                                                      //A trained composer and pianist, Clemente shifted his focus from the traditional piano to exploring

                                                    //the possibilities of interface and design within electronic music. Adriano was curious to see how the same  

                                                  //motor skills could be applied to different mediums and allow more freedom for the composer.

                                                //Ever since making that shift he has moved beyond such parameters to exploring the multiple ways in which

                                              //sound can interact with all facets of the body itself, from attachable electrodes, to motion sensors,

                                            //to wearable technologies.


                                       //"With backgrounds in music, teaching, psychology, and anthropology, Adriano Clemente is truly a creative polymath" (Ableton)

                                     //Adriano has graduated in Clinical Psychology from La Sapienza University of Rome which helped him to blend his passion for music                                            //with scientific interest for human interaction. Clemente has been merging Psychoacoustic and Sound Synthesis studies and has

                                 //been invited to lecture for prestigious universities such as School of Visual Art NY, Columbia University, Stony Brooks University, NYU,                                        //American University and Brooklyn College. 


                          //Among his pieces Adriano has worked on a Audio/Video installation for the Super Bowl Boulevard in New York City which featured 12 LED

                        //screens and a sound-interactive walkable platform all located in Herald Square, Manhattan. He is also responsible for introducing his                                         //interactive Sound Design approach into the fashion world at the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week for the ØDD's runway.

                    //Clemente has composed several soundtracks and won a prize at the Torino Film Festival in 2005. 


               //He is currently focusing on the development of sound and orchestrations through the use of Bio Feedback sensors

             //and other technologies. Adriano's most recent research is based on a technique that he named "Techno Collage".

           //Clemente has worked with MGMT and RCA Records but is best known for his unique approach and pioneering of interactive sound/video                                  //installations with the Kin-Hact Project in which a body's movement orchestrates the composition.  His work has been featured in

       //Rolling Stones Magazine, The Creators Project, Joystiq, Noisey, and in numerous publications in Europe and the States.

     //Clemente is a frequent consultant on new musical technology for such prestigious companies as Disney Imagineering, Korg, Roland, Ableton, Dubspot,          //Splice


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