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                //Adriano was born in Italy in 1982.
                    //After years of classical piano studies at the conservatory
                   //he discovered different ways to express his            
                  //creative power with the computer music.
                 //In the following years he graduated in composition and                  
                //computer arrangement at the Saint Louis  
               //College of Music and at the same time he took a Psychology  
              //degree at La Sapienza University of Rome.
             //In 2008 Adriano won a scolarship for the European Institute of  
            //Design (IED), where he worked as an assistant 
           //for the Sound Design course coordinator
Adriano's expertise goes from music production to work with movies and
         //TV shows, Web content, Radio and live performance/DJ.

        //He is based in New York City where he is working on the Kin Hackt project         
       //presented in Worldwide premiere at RMMF 2011 in Dumbo and featured by Rolling Stones Magazine.
      //Adriano teaches Ableton Live Classes and electronic music production
     //In October 2011 he did an Installation at Ableton Inc. in occasion of
    //the 131st AES in NY City using 10 Novation Launchpads.

   //Adriano has taught as guest lecturer at Stony Brook University and SVA.

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